Why is nasal aspiration important?

Mucus stagnating in the nose can be the hotbed of numerous problems.
Most importantly, it inhibits breathing. Nasal mucus can get super infected the result of which may be most commonly the inflammation of the middle ear or the maxillary sinuses. By keeping the nasal passages clean, you can prevent numerous protracted illnesses and inconveniences.

Which position should the child be in during the aspiration?

Aspirate the nose of infants after laying them into a stable position and hold their head during the process. If the child is already able to sit, sit them in your lap. In this case, do not lay the child on their back during the aspiration.

Why is Snot Sucker different from all other nasal aspirators on the market?

The liquid cannot exit from the inside of the head, safely preventing the nasal mucus from getting into the connecting tube. That means you won’t have to purchase extra replaceable filters for the daily use of this device. After use, the only part of the device that needs to be cleaned and it can be done within a minute. The Snot Sucker can be powered in two different ways: as a part of the electric Snot Sucker Pro, and also with the human-powered nasal aspirator. On top, the electric device is adjustable according to the baby's age and has a child-friendly design.

Are the Snot Sucker products safe for infants?

Yes, we have designed our products to be safe for babies.

Till what age can the Snot Sucker products be used?

The use of the electric Snot Sucker Pro Nasal Aspirator is till the age of 4. The application may depend on the thickness of the secretion or the child’s ability to blow his nose on his own.

How often should the Snot Sucker be used?

You may use the products as often as needed although you should stop using the products if there is no mucus in the head. Please consult your healthcare provider about when and how often you should clear your baby’s nose. For more information please see the user manuals.

Can the use of Snot Sucker products cause allergic problems?

We exclusively use materials that are absolutely harmless to humans. The head’s nose tip is made of soft, BPA-free silicone to make sure that it does not irritate the baby’s nose.

Do I need to use a filter for the human-powered Snot Sucker Aspirator?

There is no need for a filter! Thanks to the liquid cannot exit from the inside of the head, safely preventing the nasal mucus from getting into the connecting tube or into the mouth of the person performing the suction.


How strong is the suction power of the Snot Sucker Pro Nasal Aspirator?

Our engineering team designed Snot Sucker Pro to be strong enough to remove the blockage from children’s noses but it is gentle enough not to cause any damage. The maximum strength of the suction power is in accordance with the listed values in the international professional recommendations


Can the suction power of the Snot Sucker Aspirator be adjusted?

Yes. The suction power can be adjusted to fit the age of the child and the thickness of the mucus.

What to do if the Snot Sucker has turned off?

The device turns itself off automatically after 15 minutes of continuous use but it can be restarted. In case of overuse or if insufficient ventilation is provided, the thermal switch switches off the device and will prevent reuse for approx. 45 minutes for safety reasons.

How can the Snot Sucker products be cleaned?

The head is the only part of the device that needs to be cleaned after a nose cleaning session. It can be taken apart and simply washed under running water. Wipe the connecting tube with a cloth if necessary.

What is the Snot Sucker Pro Nasal Aspirator’s air mesh for?

There is a special air mesh behind the Snot Sucker Pro’s tube connector which prevents solid objects and dust from entering the housing.


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